International Admissions

Established and Accredited American Education Options
for International Students

Are you looking for a top-quality American International School? Xceed delivers Cognia accredited school options that prioritize highly personalized instruction with certified teachers. Our virtual academy, features year-round enrollment and is available to students worldwide across all time zones from the comfort of their homes. Xceed Preparatory Academy is our SEVP-certified network of private schools offering a unique learning experience that enables students to work, learn and grow academically at their own pace with individualized teacher support. Choose from one of our three campuses located in South Florida. Students have the option to live with a qualified and carefully selected host family. Both Xceed Prep Virtual School and Xceed Preparatory Academy provide comprehensive college-preparatory academics for students in grades 6-12.

Consider Starting at Xceed’s Virtual School from Home

Students who look forward to studying in the U.S. can get a jump start on their education through Xceed Prep Virtual School, then transfer those credits directly to Xceed Preparatory Academy in Florida. We have locations in Miami, Weston, and Coral Springs. What makes Xceed Prep Virtual School such a compelling option for students across the world? There are seven things you should know:

  1. Accredited: Both Xceed Prep Virtual School and Xceed Preparatory Academy are accredited by Cognia, which has internationally recognized high standards for excellence and distinguished 125-year history.

  2. Personalized: Your child will have a personalized learning plan created specifically for them that meets their immediate learning needs and long-term academic and career goals. Every student also receives extensive, individualized college/university counseling and preparation.

  3. Flexible: Your child may begin their school year anytime from anywhere with their device and internet connection. Not looking for a degree? We welcome diploma-seeking students, as well as those who simply want the benefits of a rigorous, American educational experience.

  4. Accessible: Xceed Prep Virtual School teachers, tutors, and resources are available to you across time zones. Teachers hold students accountable and are accessible through email, text, phone, and video conference.

  5. Valuable: Parents like you understand the lifelong value an investment in American education can provide and Xceed Prep Virtual School is designed to bring that education directly into your home.

  6. Additional Options: Along with everything we offer in our core Xceed Prep Virtual School program, your child may also choose from honors and AP classes, as well as dual enrollment, NCAA approved courses are also available for athletes wanting to continue their sport at the university level.

  7. Easily transfer: Your Xceed Prep Virtual School credits are easily transferred to Xceed Preparatory Academy when you are ready to join us in one of our three locations in Florida.

What Are Your Priorities?

Every student or family we meet at Xceed has a unique set of needs, academic goals, and priorities as they consider different international schools in the United States. 

 At Xceed you will find: 

  • A  strong academic experience that will prepare your child for the best universities
  • A quality program with a depth of resources and value
  • A school where your  child’s academic gifts and interests will be encouraged and developed to the highest potential
  • A program with the flexibility and personalized schedule that works with your family’s other commitments
  • An inclusive and diverse curriculum taught by certified teachers

Take the Next Step

Each of the priorities above is foundational to both the Xceed Prep Virtual School and Xceed Preparatory Academy programs. Our admissions team is ready to answer your questions. Please complete our Request Information form below and an admissions team member will guide you through the admissions process.